Friday, June 1, 2007

Blogs and perceptions

You know, it's kind of weird to me. I've been using the internet for almost ten years. And in that time, I never really paid attention to how odd a lot of it is. Nobody ever reads my blogs. I don't invite friends. My Livejournal account is locked down.Am I an oddity?I was reading just now through some blogs and the paranoia is really interesting. People deleting entire blogs, hiding e-mails, etc. My only concern is someone hacking into my computer and damaging its function. I don't care if anyone knows where I live, or sends me a nasty email or some shit. Fuck 'em. I've pretty much decided I can take care of myself, that way. If the meanest thing someone can think of to do is electronically communicate a nasty note, so what? What are they going to do, kill me next? Unlikely to happen.Anyway, it just struck me how paranoid people are about that kind of thing. Also, I have trouble believing the stuff people post about themselves and their personal lives on blogs. Or maybe I'm really not that different. Oh well.

Kenosha lakefront

The top photo is looking approximately North-East. There isn't usually a dredger moored there. If you look past the dredger and see the small strip of roadway, that's the street/road that connects to the mainland, moving 'left' off the edge of the photo. Past the house and lighthouse is park area, and I would supposed that's where the encampment will be. Failing that, moving further North along the lakefront, there is parking accessible from the North, which terminates in a large open park, with playground equipment, directly on the lakefront but not really connecting with Lighthouse Park. I remember more trees than this; but maybe not.The lower picture is of the lighthouse and keeper's residence, facing SouthEast.Carthage College also has (at last I recall) an extensive collection of Civil War artifacts. You could as William about that, he might know more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Interesting jobs

Interesting job #1:My long-lost buddy Rand, who moved from Chicago to NYC and got a job delivering blue-chip artwork to buyers for auction houses. When I asked him about how the company was insured, he said there was none; the stuff being transported was irreplaceable, and they simply drove around in unmarked white vans, going to bazillion dollar brownstones and condos delivering paintings and such. Fascinating.Interesting job #2:A member of the New Zealand Armed Forces, whose job in the '70s and '80s was humping around in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands looking for abandoned ordnance from World War II. He described one case of talking to some locals, who directed him to some remote spot, where he found an entire airstrip which had been left 'as-is' since 1945, with aircraft still in crates. The US had simply bailed out and left it. He found all kinds of stuff like that. What a cool job.

Second try

This is probably a little closer to the description...

Nifty picture

The day

Since I've been posting things other places, and becoming an online schizophrenic (you know, how can I be expected to dump everything in one place?), I need to post more pictures here.Mostly, I checked in at P's blog, which she checked in on, and read up on the recent goings-on. It's kind of embarrassing how long I've been reading her blog. It's into several years now, and I just recently started leaving comments. How lame is that? Oh well.

A good weekend

I had a very good weekend. Cool.