Friday, June 1, 2007

Blogs and perceptions

You know, it's kind of weird to me. I've been using the internet for almost ten years. And in that time, I never really paid attention to how odd a lot of it is. Nobody ever reads my blogs. I don't invite friends. My Livejournal account is locked down.Am I an oddity?I was reading just now through some blogs and the paranoia is really interesting. People deleting entire blogs, hiding e-mails, etc. My only concern is someone hacking into my computer and damaging its function. I don't care if anyone knows where I live, or sends me a nasty email or some shit. Fuck 'em. I've pretty much decided I can take care of myself, that way. If the meanest thing someone can think of to do is electronically communicate a nasty note, so what? What are they going to do, kill me next? Unlikely to happen.Anyway, it just struck me how paranoid people are about that kind of thing. Also, I have trouble believing the stuff people post about themselves and their personal lives on blogs. Or maybe I'm really not that different. Oh well.